In 1998

In 1998, Priyanka Telecom was established based on its founders’ vision of market needs. With a clear trend of international brand interest, the need of the hour was to not only provide eager international brands with a reliable port of entry in to the exponentially growing market but also to cater to the Indian customer demands with a compelling value proposition. This led to the birth of a distribution hub now well-known as the very formidable Priyanka Telecom.

The Experience and wisdom

of Mr. Mahesh Chandra Agrawal, BSc. LLB, paired with the entrepreneurial flair and international exposure of his son, Mr. Manish Agrawal, BE, proved to be a winning combination. As they diversified their interests from infrastructure development to a focus on distribution, they leveraged their robust technical expertise and market reputation to set up Priyanka Telecom.

The Company’s journey

began with Finnish brand Nokia wherein the organization handled the CDMA business for the, then marketing leading, handset manufacturer. Over the next 15 years, their outstanding performance and positive impact on Nokia’s profitability in this space bred immense recognition in the form of market interest as well as industry awards.

Priyanka Telecom is founded on a clear vision – to create win-win relationships for all its stakeholders, be it customers or brand collaborators. This resonates well with their ability to be agile, innovative, responsive and integrated. Priyanka Telecom now works with several best-in-class brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo and Nike.

Priyanka Telecom comprises the following companies:
  • Priyanka Communications (India) Pvt. Ltd.

    CIN # U45200MH1995PTC092649

  • Priyanka Infocom India Pvt. Ltd.

    CIN # U72900MH2008PTC183452

  • Priyanka Wireless (India) Private Limited.

    CIN # U52100MH2014PTC255356

Our Philosophy

Our mantra for success is:

At Priyanka Telecom, quality is of topmost priority. Be it quality products for our customers or quality service to our brand clients, we are fiercely aware of the need to provide the best. Our success in West India, thus far, is largely a consequence of this approach. In whichever capacity you collaborate with us, B2C or B2B, we ensure complete satisfaction.


Our Holistic Service Offerings

From complete Channel management to sales and marketing support to MIS and infrastructure support, Priyanka Telecom can collaborate with you end-to-end.

Our Reach

A wide network of over 58 service centers across West India is built to cater to every customer need.

Our Experience

Our wealth of distribution experience, spanning over two decades, has been a key driver in enabling us to leverage our market know-how and consequently, rapidly grow.

Our People

Over 700 qualified and committed professional executives works hard to match our excellent products with truly excellent service.

Our Approach

We have a brand-specific, highly customized approach for each brand that we collaborate with. This includes, dedicated manpower a differentiated channel reach and a dedicated MIS/Billing/Logistics structure. Each of these helps create equal market placement opportunity for each brand.

Our Marketing Expertise

Spread out across varied verticals in both, urban and rural markets, our market expertise is crucial to the service offering we provide. We are able to achieve high impact and high visibility as a result of conscientious due diligence, an established network and innovative marketing initiatives.


We belief, a digitally empowered economy can change the economic structure of the country. Therefore, Our Vision is to provide innovative, affordable products to digitally empower our customers, enabling positive difference in their lives; resulting in growth of economy using latest technology & value for money products.


Giving everyone a means to digitally connect.

Core Values

Priyanka Telecom Values are the qualities, customs, standards, and principles that the company believes will help it and its employees succeed.

  • Quality: Highest standard of quality at reasonable cost.
  • Reliability & dependability.
  • Long term relationship: to build trusted relationships with Customers and partners by offering compelling & valued customer experience in new and better ways.
  • Customer satisfaction: To provide the best quality products in innovative and cost effective ways.
  • Pursue growth & learning: Our entrepreneurial responsibility with a commitment to transparency, sustainability and an obligation to society as a whole.
  • Embrace and drive change: Priyanka Telecom is a dynamic organization; which embrace and drive changes.
  • A commitment to innovation and excellence.