Priyanka Telecom's most current foray Centric; speaks to an imperative stride forward for the organization. Based on our deep understanding of the market sentiment and demand, we have created an enterprise that caters to the need of today. India is at the helm of a massive digital revolution, wherein the way we consume information will significantly change. To be prepared for this, technology will be key – it is imperative, now more than ever before, that irrespective of income strata, consumers have access to reliable and quality devices, be it mobile phones, tablets or tech-
accessories. Centric was founded to ensure exactly this.

From education to entertainment, technology makes life easier and more convenient. In order to provide you with low-cost, and yet dependable, technology devices and accessories, Centric focuses on efficiency-driven manufacturing within India itself. Centric aims to be significant contributor to the ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ ethos by utilizing a homegrown facility, harnessing the potential of India’s incredible manpower and imparting new skill development to those who possess the capability and potential to build better lives for themselves.

Centric’s products present an unmatchable value proposition, one that combines best-in-class features with competitive prices. Click here to know more about Centric’s products and where you can find them!